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  1. temarigenius Dec 03, 2013

    I have been debating with myself whether to re-watch Jigoku Shoujo! I'm sure its worth re-watching though xD

    And also, some of the icons on is page isn't working is it? Or is it just me? Time for some fixing!
    I'm also not sure but I don't see any links to the Jigoku Tsushin website?

    merged: 12-03-2013 ~ 11:15pm
    Or nevermind, I don't really know why but a lot of links don't show up for me xD maybe its my browser~

  2. renlilica Aug 14, 2013

    The second season is really good, if you haven't watched it try to watch it if you really can't download it try the last 5 episodes it's really good.

  3. DarkGeneralUnizaki Aug 13, 2013

    I haven't seen the 2nd or 3rd season of Jigoku Shojou

  4. renlilica Aug 13, 2013

    Yeah! I love it especially Ai I love her. I didn't like the third season that much, it didn't live up to second season.

  5. DarkGeneralUnizaki Aug 13, 2013

    Yes Aie's story is sad (really sad) :(
    Glade to hear you are a die hard fan of Jigoku ^-^

  6. renlilica Aug 10, 2013

    That's too bad though it's such a cool group.
    But I really like Ai she's so cool, and her story is so sad. T.T

  7. DarkGeneralUnizaki Aug 10, 2013

    We usually chat either about Jingoku tushin shojou or about what ever anyone wants to talk about.

    Tis group be not as active but members from time to time come in and say hi.

  8. renlilica Aug 08, 2013

    Thank you Darkgeneralunazaki (that's quite a long name I should say, >.<)
    Thought this group doesn't seem to be so active.
    What do we usually do here?

  9. DarkGeneralUnizaki Aug 05, 2013

    Welcome Renli to Jigoku.
    Glade to hear you like this group. :)

  10. renlilica Aug 03, 2013

    This is one cool group. I really like girl from hell, I love Ai the ending of 2nd season was heart breaking. The third season was a lil' disappointing though.
    I really like like the creativity of the admin here. Thumps up to you.

  11. DarkGeneralUnizaki Apr 24, 2013

    Enma, the link to jigoku is under the main banner.

  12. Enma29 Apr 24, 2013

    where should i type my enymies name?

    merged: 04-24-2013 ~ 04:37pm
    where should i type my enymies name?

  13. DarkGeneralUnizaki Nov 15, 2012

    Mondenai :D

  14. Fujiupoma Nov 15, 2012

    Quote by DarkGeneralUnizakihi fuji hi kawaii


  15. DarkGeneralUnizaki Nov 15, 2012

    hi fuji hi kawaii

  16. kawaii89 Nov 14, 2012

    I love the live-action drama. Enma Ai so cool with her ringing bell. ^_^

  17. Fujiupoma Jul 11, 2012


    merged: 07-21-2012 ~ 07:42pm

    Quote by DarkGeneralUnizakiEh? Cafe? Jigoku is not a cafe. Mearley a place for one to seek vengeance upon another THIS IS HELL! ^-^

    me like this hell!

  18. DarkGeneralUnizaki Mar 20, 2012

    Welcome B-B rabbit.

    merged: 07-05-2012 ~ 08:42pm
    Vengeance requests have plummeted *sigh*

  19. B-BRabbit Mar 18, 2012


  20. DarkGeneralUnizaki Apr 17, 2011

    Talk to admin Weska they will decide if you can join or not.

  21. Weskalia Apr 16, 2011

    Can you add me as a member?

  22. DarkGeneralUnizaki Apr 14, 2011


  23. EdotenseiHime Apr 05, 2011

    enma ai daisuki <3

  24. DarkGeneralUnizaki Jan 05, 2011

    Eh? Cafe? Jigoku is not a cafe. Mearley a place for one to seek vengeance upon another THIS IS HELL! ^-^

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